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Jinyoung the fencer

One of the best things about having a bestie

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On screen:


Off screen:



Matryoshka Park Hoons!!! (cr: DC)

From left to right: Flower boy North Korean student, Stoic Glaring North Korean doctor, Motorcycle Escapee in Hungary, Hoodie Hobo, Long Coat Hobo Doctor, Fluffy Hair South Korean Doctor

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Choo Sarang is full of smiles and laughter in making film for ‘allo&lugh’

There’s no doubt that Choo Sarang is a ‘happy virus’ wherever she goes and brought smiles in her “Love Is Fun” making film for ‘allo&lugh’!

Choo Sarang has been following in her mother, Japan’s top model Yano Shiho’s footsteps and she’s always full of cute expressions and poses on set. She even got fans following along to her signature ‘strength’ pose with the strength that she gets from her mixed martial arts fighter father Choo Sung Hoon.

Proceeds from the brand’s ‘Love is Fun’ charity campaign will be donated to the Korean Red Cross.

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Those K-pop idols that look like threatening cold blooded killers you’d run into in a dark alleyway but in reality they’re sugary gumdrop princesses mixed with dash of awkward.





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Cass with Jongbin. As customary something is blocking Woob’s face, but that’s him. >_<


Cass with Jongbin. As customary something is blocking Woob’s face, but that’s him. >_<


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[TRANS/INT] 140403 B1A4 Jinyoung, Quite a ‘good’ singer, actor and Jinyoung



With sleek eyes, and a lovely face without anything unnecessary, the first thing you see is his appearance that looks as if he’s about to go into a manhwa book. But to describe him with just his looks, is infinitely lacking. Popular idol group leader, lyricist, composer, producer, and actor he is all of them, and to say the least he is a versatile man. With every question, he answers to the full extent, smiling and pouring out his bright, white positivity, and it became obvious what his charm was.

Debuting in 2011, they calmly found their unique color of music, the five member group, B1A4. Writing their own lyrics, and making their songs, in the center of it all is their leader Jinyoung. Their title track of their album ‘Who Am I’, ‘Lonely’, which was released this past January, was of course written by the leader Jinyoung. On public and cable television, they won eight times. Furthermore through the movie Jinyoung was in, ‘Miss Granny,’ he was able to enter the big screen as an ambitious newcomer.

While talking to 24-year-old Jinyoung, who does everything with extreme care and challenges new things non-stop, it seems that he had the confidence to take on anything he would want to do. He has the power to spread his positivity to anybody. Is it not that his strength as a leader, a singer, and as a actor came to light here.

Q. From the start of 2014 there was a continuous flow of good events. This past January the B1A4 2nd full album’s title track ‘Lonely’ won first eight times, and the movie Jinyoung was in ‘Miss Granny’ reached over eight million viewers.

Jinyoung: We’re receiving so much love, that I’m at a loss at what to do. I’ve come to think that the next time we come back, we should should show an even better image, and that we shouldn’t get lazy. So as a result I’ve focused and am working harder.

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[NEWS] 140403 B1A4 Jinyoung Song Collection, from ‘Bling Girl’ to ‘Who Am I’


On the 2nd, the KBS2 pilot program ‘Million Seller’ was broadcasted, and in it B1A4’s Jinyoung completely understood the viewer-written lyrics and wrote a beautiful melody to go with it. Joo Hyeon-mi commented on the song he produced on the program, ‘Companion,’ saying, ‘The tone was hard to grab, but int was a dreamy song,’ and complimented Jinyoung. Jinyoung was introduced as a singer-songwriter idol, and from their debut album to their most recent 2nd full album that was released this past January, at least one of the songs, he has written. Especially, from their first full album, ‘Ignition,’ B1A4’s title tracks have been consistently composed by Jinyoung. Counting all of his songs, he has composed a total of 16. With all the songs he has composed in the past 3 years, it would not be lacking if they were put into a special album. So we prepared. Jinyoung’s song collection, if it were to have a name, ‘Made by Jinyoung.’

(*this is excluding intros and songs released in their Japanese album.)



01. Bling Girl

Jinyoung’s first song, that was on the debut album ‘Let’s Fly.’ It is about a boy who has falled in love and expresses it saying, ‘You’re my sparkling, cute princess.” It portrays the excitement of love and the cuteness of it as well.

02. Wonderful Tonight

It’s about wanting their lover to come back after leaving, and in the end it is not ‘wonderful.’ With the ironic title, it’s easy to confirm Jinyoung’s positive mind set. The rock base and electronic sound adds to the cheeriness.

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According to Jung Eun Pyo; Actually, Soohyun is a playful boy who likes joking. But he is very manly as well and cannot say chessy words. When delivering the line ‘I’ll take my clothes off for your sake”, after hearing the director said “CUT”, he immediately shouted out "Oh! Oh!